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OK, I have to brag about my 14-year old, deer-killin' machine, daughter...Jesse. Although this isn't her first deer...that came when she was 9-years old (via, crossbow), this deer represents her first deer with a vertical bow! Because she has a slight case of acrophobia (fear of heights)...this definitely came from her mother side, our tree stand set-ups can be challenging.

Last Monday night we set up a ground blind and saw 18 deer (including five bucks, all yearlings), but because it got too shots. Right before sunset one, very smart adult doe got within bow range. But, she snorted and blew out all the other deer. Both Jesse and I took this as a personal insult and decided she had to go. Tuesday night was volleyball so we left the blind "rest." Last night we decided to take our chances at "Weezie." Yes, Jesse had already named the doe that caused us so much
grief. Like I said, this was getting personal! BTW, the name came from her snorting so much.

Weezie was very easy to identify because she was the largest deer in the area. After coming back and forth to the blind (I told you Weezie was smart), a button buck approached the blind at 15 yards. Then, two other does and a 3-point buck also came in.
At this point, we had five deer all facing us in the blind. And you guessed it, for no reason, Weezie spooked and ran away.

I told Jesse to shoot the buck (this would be her first one) but, she wanted Weezie. Yes, her challenge-oriented personality (some call it stubbornness) definitely came from me! After a few minutes, Weezie once again came back. This time she joined the other deer and started to feed right on front of our blind. As Weezie put her head down to feed,
Jesse drew her 45-pound, Hoyt bow. She released a perfectly placed broadside shot. The 3-blade, 125-grain,
Muzzy broadhead did its job. Can you say, double lung? Without a doubt, both of us knew Weezie would not go very far!

As Weezie ran to the bottom of the hollow, we couldn't tell if she went left or right? There was no need to wait so we jumped out of the blind and walked down to where we last saw her. Jesse then started to walk up the hill, while I took the lower trail. Suddenly, I watched Jesse run (really sprint) over to her first bow kill...yes, Weezie was down!

I don't know about you, but if I was in her shoes as a 14-year old...there's no doubt I would have killed the buck! With the deer down, I asked Jesse why she left the buck go. She simply said, tomorrow we can get the 6-pointer Weezie chased away the other night. I simply nodded and thought to myself, this wasn't a management oriented harvest, it was personal. Her answer made me smile and yes, we will tip him over!

No scribe could ever pen the pure joy between a father and a daughter at this moment. Hunting means different things to everyone, for me, her smile says it all!

PS: And yes, Jesse's face camo looks like the boys on Duck Dynasty!
C.J. Winand
Courtney Green, 15 years old, harvested her first buck,
a 7 point in Sykesville, Maryland (Howard County) with a 20 guage shotgun.
Congratulations Courtney on a great buck!