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E.W. GRIMES, Director/President - Maryland State Chapter (C) - 410-984-3356

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By submitting my photo(s) I agree to grant and/or any of its Affiliates, the right and permission to copyright and or publish photographs, stories, articles and video which I am submitting. I am authorized to grant this Release and the use of these photographs, stories, articles, and videos. I hereby grant and/or its Affiliates the Right to reproduce and edit at their discretion. The Rights granted herein shall not confer in myself any rights of ownership. I further Represent and Warrant that I am the owner of the material that I am submitting and the material is free of all encumbrances. All game animals harvested in this material were done so in accordance with all applicable game laws. I represent that I have read and understand the above information and am competent to submit to this Release and Consent.